The Guidance Counselor at Millennia Elementary provides a comprehensive program of guidance and counseling services to respond to the developmental and educational needs of students. The role of the elementary counselor is diverse. The counselor conducts individual and small group, goal-oriented counseling sessions as well as classroom guidance lessons. Counseling services may also be provided to support students in times of crisis.

Ongoing collaboration with parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators is another fundamental service that is provided by the school counselor. During collaboration the counselor confers with parents and/or staff to assist students in responding to various needs. In addition, conferences may involve behavioral or academic issues. The focus is on improving the educational outcome for the students. The school counselor will also provide parents with referrals to outside agencies that are capable of responding to the issues and needs a child may be presenting. Such referrals are provided when the needs presented by the students require more intensive involvement than the counselor can provide within an educational setting. 

Additionally, an important focus of the elementary counseling program at Millennia Elementary is on the classroom guidance lessons. The lessons presented to students in the classroom setting focus on issues that meet the diverse needs of our school’s population such as decision-making skills, personal growth and development, friendship, study skills, test taking skills, bullying prevention, cultural diversity, individual differences, and child safety matters to name a few.

Finally, the elementary guidance program is to be an advocate for each individual child while facilitating life-long learning and personal development in the educational setting. Our Guidance Counselor remains current in the profession by continuing professional development based on trends and needs within individual buildings, and keeping up on current research, needs assessments, and data.