The Gifted Program at Millennia
Millennia hosts gifted learners from several different OCPS elementary schools.  The curriculum is differentiated, based on the gifted learners’ special abilities and needs. In our classroom, we focus on gaining in exposure and experience in key areas including Problem Solving, Research/Information Management, Questioning, Goal Setting, Teamwork/Leadership, Communication, Production/Presentation, Cognition Training (critical & creative thinking), Personal Growth, and Independent Learning.
Class Supplies
  • (2) composition notebooks
  • 2) 2 inch binders
  • packet of dry erase markers
  • pencils
  • disinfecting wipes
  • (3) pronged folders
  • tab dividers
  • highlighters
  • markers
  • pencil pouch
Project Supplies

Throughout the year we will be completing numerous projects and activities that require common household items. To help The gifted teacher will e-mail families a week ahead of time if a project will require special items. 

Commonly needed items:  Tape, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, string, toilet paper roles, empty water bottles, string, paper bags, paper plates, craft sticks 


Our classroom on Canvas is a resource for parents and students.  News & important announcements can be found in “For Parents” on the home page.  The Students will use Canvas to access lessons, choice board activities, group work, and other various resources.

Parent Technology Media Information Consent Form (PTMICF)
Throughout the school year, we will work on many research tasks and projects which require internet access.   Please be sure to complete the Parent Technology Media Information Consent Form (PTMICF).  This will also allow the gifted teacher to use photos from class for projects and announcements.  Forms can be completed here:  Release Form

Lunch & Snack

  • Gifted classes have lunch at 12:30pm. Students are to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning to ensure their bellies stay full until snack time and lunch.
  • Students are welcome to bring a healthy snack to eat during class.  Please stick with things like crackers/cheese, fruit, pretzels, juice boxes, cheese sticks, veggies, etc. (no chips, cookies, chocolate covered bars, fruit roll-ups, etc.).  Water bottles are encouraged! 
  • We have individuals with peanut allergies in our class - do not bring foods with peanuts on your gifted day.