Mission / Vision Statement

The mission of Millennia Elementary School is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where diversity is celebrated, mutual respect among adults and children is practiced, and parents and caregivers are seen as valued partners in establishing the foundations of academics and life-long learning.

The staff, parents and community of Millennia Elementary School strive to create an environment supportive of and committed to helping all children achieve the highest levels of academic excellence through challenging intellectual, creative and physical opportunities, enabling them to function as global citizens that can take responsibility for their own learning, make informed choices and solve problems.

Scope of the Discipline Plan

We believe that positive reinforcements are preferred, and generally, are more effective than negative approaches; students need to see positive results as the outcome of their appropriate decisions. We also realize that children must experience the negative consequences of their negative decisions/actions on a consistent basis. To deny children a realization of these consequences may foster in children the mistaken assumption that they are not responsible for their actions. The classroom teacher is to maintain appropriate behavior in the classroom, hallways and restrooms, at all times.


  • Have respect
  • Own your choices
  • Positive attitude
  • Safety first 

School Wide Kanga-Colors System

Every homeroom teacher, resource teacher, and special area teacher will use a school-wide color system using the HOPS Code listed below. Teachers are encouraged to establish classroom routines and procedures as needed to support the policies.

PURPLE – Perfect Roo

BLUE – Better Choices

GREEN – Good Choices

YELLOW – Warning

ORANGE – Time out

RED – Notify parent

School Wide Kanga-Colors System Codes
Purple Perfect Roo Superior behavior
all day
Blue Better Choices Excellent behavior
all day
Green Good Choices Good behavior
all day
Yellow Warning Warning
Orange Time Out Behavior needs improvement
Red Notify Parent Inappropriate behavior
(Individualized management plan / interventions have failed)

Code of Student Conduct

The Vision of Orange County Public Schools is Achieving Educational Excellence Together. With this vision in mind, the Orange County school system has developed the Code of Student Conduct to help students, parents, and school personnel understand the guidelines for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment. Each school develops its own rules and expectations for student conduct based on the district wide Code of Student Conduct. The code applies to all Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, including high school and school age students attending either a technical center in a dual-enrollment program or a community school program for high school credit.

Each OCPS student must obey district rules:
  • While on school grounds
  • While being transported to or from school at public expense
  • During school-sponsored events, such as field trips, athletic functions, and similar activities
Schools also have authority to discipline students for acts near or related to the school, when a student’s conduct has a detrimental effect on the health, safety or welfare of the student, of other students, of the school or of school personnel. While students may be disciplined for infractions according to the responses outlined in this code of conduct, be aware that there could be additional consequences through law enforcement for acts that violate the law.

Notice of Limited Responsibility for Supervising Students

OCPS employees are not responsible for supervising students who arrive on school grounds more than 30 minutes before school and 30 minutes before a school-sponsored activity is scheduled to begin or students remaining on school grounds more than 30 minutes after school and 30 minutes after the school-sponsored activity ends. OCPS is not responsible for supervising students not in attendance at school, or students not authorized to participate in school-sponsored activities. Casual or incidental contact between OCPS personnel and students on school grounds shall not result in a duty to supervise students. Parents or guardians should not rely on OCPS employees to provide supervision for their child outside of the above time period.