Student Device Policy

Student Devices Policies and Fine Structure 22-23

Fee Structure Updates: Assessing Device Repair Fees
1st Fee–reduced from $50 to $25
2nd Fee-reduced from $100 to $50
3rd Fee-reduced from purchase price to depreciated value
*This depreciated value only applies to the refreshed Dell 3120s and Dell 3190s.

Years from Purchase





Replacement Cost





*After the fourth anniversary of the device, the third incident would constitute full depreciation with no fee obligation.
*Depreciation schedule for remaining devices is under development

Fee Structure Updates: Assessing Device Accessory Fees
1st Fee – $10
2nd Fee-Reduced from $25 to $15
3rd Fee-Reduced from purchase price to $25


1st Incident

2nd Incident

3rd (and forward) Incident





This structure reflects the addition of the protective case replacement and the cost of the charger replacement. All levels of accessory fees remain below replacement value.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Parents may send privately purchased laptop or tablet devices with their students:
Please ensure the BYOD laptop/tablet meets the minimum technical specifications.
BYOD students will need to use a district-issued laptop or desktop to complete any State testing.