The visual art program at Millennia Elementary, integrates studio practices with technology and interdisciplinary connections.  We believe that Art Education is essential to the development of all children. It is known that the developmental benefits of art encompass the following areas: motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, cultural awareness, and improved academic performance. All of the art lessons adhere to the learning goals and standards provided by the Florida Department of Education.  

At Millennia Elementary, one way we encourage and nurture individual artistry is via the use of the televised “morning news”. The art work of a student that has made improvements or has employed great effort in their work is featured on the school news. The student is given an “Artist of the Week” certificate and has their work displayed in a special bulletin board in the school lobby. Showcasing student artwork in the lobby and in the hallways is of great importance to our school community. Having artwork displayed is the greatest motivator and cultivator of individual artistry in the students. They love to see their creations on display as this gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Several art shows take place during the school year. Second and 3rd grade students participate in the yearly “Winter Art Show” that takes place in December. In the month of April/ May, all of the students in Kg. and 1st grade have their work showcased.

Lastly, the 4th and 5th grade students have a grand display of their work for the “End of Year Art Exhibit”.  Parents are invited and these displays are showcased during the time that award ceremonies and music shows take place.  Every piece of art is kept in the art classroom until the end of the school year. At this point, students create a portfolio which will carry all of their work when it is returned to them to take home.  We encourage the students to discuss each piece with their family and to find a special place to keep their portfolio.

Students at Millennia Elementary love their art!