Fourth Grade

Picture of 4th Grade Teachers
Back Row:  Mrs. Klinski & Mr. Agosto
Middle Row: Ms. Rivera-Pratt, Mrs. Aguilar, Mrs. Russ
Front: Ms. Zarrilli

As members of the fabulous 4th grade, our students are preparing themselves for 5th grade and beyond.  Students are deepening their learning skills while thriving in a safe and nurturing classroom environment.  Students are taught to think critically and make connections to the real world. 

B.E.S.T Standards= Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking

English Language Arts/Writing (ELA):

In 4th grade, reading comprehension is still a primary focus. An important distinction between narrator point of view and character perspective is addressed. Writing instruction increases and logical reasons, sequencing, and organization are emphasized. Students study plot and the ways in which it is impacted by other story elements. This is also the first-time students are working with implied themes. Problem and solution and description are added as text structures for informational text. Students are also determining which sources in their research are valid.


In grade 4, instructional time will emphasize four areas: (1) extending understanding of multi-digit multiplication and division; (2) developing the relationship between fractions and decimals and beginning operations with both; (3) classifying and measuring angles and (4) developing an understanding for interpreting data to include mode, median and range.

Technology is a critical part of the 4th grade curriculum.  Students’ engagement increases as learning increases. Research has shown that technology strengthens student engagement and knowledge.  Teaching in the Digital Age, our 4th grade students are innovators as they use technology as a tool for learning. Our digital environment allows students to work in a collaborative environment that improves academic performance and student achievement, both together and individually. Technology allows students to develop and expand their conceptual understanding of curriculum topics. 

Our 4th graders are being prepared for a bright future as they dive into each subject, reading, math, social studies, and science through dialogic learning; improving content knowledge as well as improving thinking skills.