Physical Education


Welcome to Millennia Physical Education! We are excited to be your child’s teacher and look forward to teaching the physical education standards that will help them become more confident, healthy and safe.


We play a variety of activities with the emphasis on fair play, good sportsmanship, and respect of others. We teach developmental skills such as catching, throwing, striking, kicking, dodging, chasing, fleeing, juggling, and loco-motor movements. We also stress good healthy habits and a lifetime of fitness. 

Class Rules

  • Please STOP, LOOK & LISTEN when the whistle blows or the teacher speaks
  • Equipment is not to be touched without permission.
  • Have Respect
  • Own your Choices
  • Positive Attitude
  • Safety First


- 1st time - verbal warning and color change on Kanga stick.
- 2nd time - time-out from activity and Special Area Behavior Notice sent home.
- 3rd time - time-out remainder of class.


Students will be graded based on the Florida standards for Physical Education, along with attitude, effort, and participation. PE standards can be found here: Physical Education Standards K-5


 -If you are injured or think you might be injured, tell your P.E. teacher immediately.

 -DO NOT continue any activity with a possible injury.

 -DO NOT wait until you return to your classroom and tell your classroom teacher.


    -Written note from parent excuses a student from P.E. for the day.

    -Written excuse from a doctor is required for extended periods of time.


We only have a few water fountains in the areas that we use.  Please encourage your child to bring a water bottle from home to ensure they have enough water at P.E.  Please communicate to your child that it is their responsibility to keep track of their own water bottle.

Field Day

This is a day that the entire school is out on our field participating in games, team-building, and other activities with their classmates.  Look for communication later on in the year if you would like to come out to cheer on your child’s class at Field Day.  You must be a registered ADDitions volunteer with OCPS in order to join us. 

Thank you for teaming up with us to help your child achieve a lifetime of fitness!