Fourth Grade

As members of the fabulous 4th grade, our students are preparing themselves for 5th grade and beyond.  Students are deepening their learning skills while thriving in a safe and nurturing classroom environment.  Students are taught to think critically and make connections to the real world. 

The 4th grade curriculum is rich with complex concepts that encourage higher order thinking skills and apply strategies that create independent learners.  In addition, 4th graders are encouraged to be more independent in their learning, depending less on the teacher‘s guidance and researching, planning and revising their work more by themselves.  Writing is an essential part of the 4th grade curriculum, as students are prepared for the FSA statewide writing assessment. 

Technology is a critical part of the 4th grade curriculum.  Students’ engagement increases as learning increases. Research has shown that technology strengthens student engagement and knowledge.  Teaching in the Digital Age, our 4th grade students are innovators as they use technology as a tool for learning. Our digital environment allows students to work in a collaborative environment that improves academic performance and student achievement, both together and individually. Technology allows students to develop and expand their conceptual understanding of curriculum topics. 

Our 4th graders are being prepared for a bright future as they dive into each subject, reading, math, social studies, and science through dialogic learning; improving content knowledge as well as improving thinking skills.