Third Grade


Our school day begins at 8:45 a.m. Please have your child at school on time so that they do not miss any instructional time.

Classroom Behavior

Millennia Elementary has a school wide behavior plan.  Students will use our Kanga Color system to track their behavior throughout the school day.  All students start their day on green and then move up or down the color chart depending on their behavior. 

Purple - Excellent/Perfect Day!
Blue - Great Day!
Green - Ready to Learn/Good Day
Yellow - Caution/Warning
Orange - Reflection Time/Time Out
Red - Parent Contact/Loss of Privileges

Please check your child’s agenda each night to see what Kanga color they achieved for the day.

Folders and Planners

On the first day of school your child will receive a take-home folder and a planner.  The take-home folder and the planner should be reviewed every night. Any important documents will be sent home in the take-home folder. 


Students may have a small snack daily. The snacks need to be provided by each individual student from home. Please send in a small healthy treat for your child EVERY DAY.  Some snack ideas are: cheese and crackers, fruit snacks, graham crackers, etc.


Birthdays will be celebrated during lunchtime ONLY.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher.

Thanks for trusting us with your children's education! We are honored to serve you!